Business Diversity Management System


Information for Vendors

The Chicago Transit Authority’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise System (DBE System) provides contractors an easy to use internet based service for Subcontractor Utilization and Certified Payroll reporting. The burden associated with paper based reporting processes and record keeping is replaced by a fully automated and secure online reporting processes.

Subcontractor Utilization Reporting works like this:

For Prime Contractor

  1. Prime contractors receive monthly reporting notices by email, and then simply click the link provided to log in, then
  2. The prime contractor enters payments made to the list of displayed subcontractors

Prime contractor reporting is complete within minutes!

For Subcontractors:

  1. Once the prime reports, an email notice is sent to each subcontractor, the subcontractor simply clicks the link provided to log in, then
  2. The subcontractor confirms the payment reported by the prime has been received


Additional Contractor Benefits

  • Immediate visibility to contract goal achievement at the overall contract level
  • Immediate visibility to goal achievement for each subcontractor
  • Visibility to subcontractors that may not be reporting in a timely basis
  • Extensive certified subcontractor search including searching by business capability, geographic area, and certification type among others
  • Integrated messaging to support communication with your contract compliance officer
  • Online subcontractor addition/substitution request process

Getting Started with Subcontractor Utilization Reporting

  • An email with instructions will be sent to contractors when online reporting starts.
  • Before then, you can determine if an account for subcontractor utilization reporting has been set up for your company through the Account Lookup option on our web site at

Certified Payroll Reporting through LCPtracker™

Payroll data may be entered directly into LCPtracker or uploaded from major construction accounting and payroll programs. The service eliminates the need for contractors to submit paper prevailing wage documents and forms while providing an online database of all certified payroll reports. The service also generates audits, logs and correspondence.

All contract-specific wage rates and worker classifications are online, within the system, and contractors select classifications from a menu. Worker information is entered once and then remains in the system accessible to all of the Agencies’ public works contract activity. Potential errors in wage rates or worker classification entries are flagged to contractors preemptively, allowing contractors to correct data prior to submittal.

Immediate benefits for Contractors include:

  • LCPtracker confirms rates and classifications prior to allowing contractors to submit payroll or payroll-related documents to the Chicago Transit Authority.
  • All reports are available instantly to contractors in hardcopy and electronic formats.
  • No need to mail in paperwork. Payrolls will be submitted electronically. There is an audit trail of all submitted records and all correspondence between CTA and the contractors.

Getting Started with Certified Payroll Reporting

  • An email with instructions for logging in and reporting will be sent to contractors once they’re assigned to a contract.
  • On-line training is provided at no cost. Contractors may access training videos and reference documentation after receiving their login ID and password.
  • To log in to LCPtracker:


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